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our story

Kathleen and Hannah might not wear a uniform but they have felt the cost of military service. When Covid 19 lockdowns started in 2020 they both were single parenting and while they navigated that time alone, their business Cup & Cake was born. They’ve learned grit and determination the hard way, and they have brought those qualities into the business that launched 8 short months ago. They began by baking after hours in the Bridge Street Mission kitchen but soon realized they needed their own space. In a crazy turn of events they have purchased Kregers Bakery and Deli, a legacy bakery in town, and now are planning to combine the timeless bakery with their own innovative style. There is the old saying “out with old and in with the new”, but they are thinking more along the lines of “respect the old and add in some new.” Both are excited to preserve the great things about a 59-year-old business while offering desserts that are uniquely their own. Their strategy is to learn and observe before making any big changes, and of course little by little Cup&Cake and Kreger’s Bakery will merge and become a place that offers both traditional nostalgic bakery items along with new innovative flavors and design.

Kreger's bakery

o We believe tradition and legacy is important.

o We will continue offering time tested-original bakery items, adding a few new things along the way.

o We invite you to join us on our journey of finding that perfect balance of preservation and innovation.

cup & cake

o We offer beautiful elegant cakes that are minimal and cleanly designed. 

o We believe a cake is the heart of a gathering. Cake adds a richness to time spent around the table. 

o We invite you to be thoughtful and intentional about how you love the people around you.

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